Towards the end of the sauna evening

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Important Dates in 2009

  • July 1 Article submission for the special issue of the Journal of Physical Chemistry opens.
  • July 25 - 30 Symposium in Savonlinna.
  • September 30 Article submission deadline for the special issue of the Journal of Physical Chemistry.

Site update July 13, 2009:

Site update July 3, 2009:

  • Minor changes to the list of speakers and the timetable.

Site update June 15, 2009:

  • The Timetable has been slightly reorganised.
  • Abstracts for most of the posters are now online.
  • Bus transport during the excursion and after the Symposium (to Savonlinna airport) has been organised.
  • There are now some notes for those attending the Opera festival.

Site update June 4, 2009:

  • More abstracts for invited speakers are now online.
  • Detailed timetable for the excursion day.

Site update May 20, 2009:

  • Abstracts for invited and hot topic presentations are now viewable from the Abstracts page.
  • The order of presentations has been decided. Check it out on the now-interactive Timetable page.
  • Hot topic presenters have been chosen. They appear on the Talks and Topics page.

Site update May 5, 2009:

  • Discounted Opera tickets are no longer available.
  • Abstract submission continues after the deadline. Submit yours now.
  • We have added a set of Instructions pages covering General topics, Helsinki, and the Finnish language.
  • We have added a tourism page with a list of links to various places in Finland.

Site update April 15, 2009:

  • Late registration has closed.
  • More than 160 participants and 25 accompanying persons have registered.

Site update April 1, 2009:

  • Late registration is now open.
  • Normal registration is now closed.
  • Only very few hotel rooms remain available.

Site update January 7, 2009: Registration is now open.

Site update December 24, 2008:

  • Registration will open on January 7th, 2009.
  • The details of the conference banquet have been finalized.
  • A special luncheon has been added on the final day to commemorate this being the historic 30th meeting.
  • We have confirmed that there will be a special issue of the Journal of Physical Chemistry for the Symposium.

Site update October 22, 2008: We now have a complete list of talks and topics.


Olavinlinna castle

Olavinlinna castle with Savonlinna in the background.

Welcome to the website for the 30th International Symposium on Free Radicals. The conference will be held in Savonlinna, Finland from the 25th until the 30th of July, 2009.

The dates of the Symposium coincide with the world-renowned Savonlinna Opera Festival. Information on performances and ticket availability is provided on our Opera page.

The conference banquet - with Sir Harold Kroto giving the banquet speech and a dance band providing entertainment - will be held on the 29th of July, which coincides with the 370th Saint Olaf's Day. Fireworks will be launched over Savonlinna to celebrate.

Because the 2009 Free Radicals Symposium is the 30th such meeting, we will host a special luncheon on the final day (the 30th of July). Jürgen Troe will give a retrospective address. A solo pianist will provide background music.